First World Communities responds passionately to increasing housing need in Nigeria, responsible for over 5000 homes. Discover your perfect and affordable home today!


We believe that our business is more than housing
we are building lives & nations in Africa.

First World Communities Limited (FWC) was incorporated on 11th February, 2008 as a Nigerian private company with limited liability, to carry on the business of providing affordable housing for medium to low income earners across Nigeria and eventually Africa.

The company began with the instant success of the highly celebrated Cooperative Villas, in Badore, Lagos, which is a community of over 600 homes and considered to be one of the best of its kind in the entire West African region.

The history and heritage of FWC date back to the early 1990s when its predecessor organizations began to develop housing estates and serviced land sub-divisions across Nigeria. Up until when FWC was formed in response to increasing demand for housing in Nigeria, its promoters have succeeded in the commercial development of over [1,000] homes in Nigeria and overseas, through various business organizations. These include the much acclaimed and widely replicated Post– Service Housing Scheme for the Nigerian Army, and several housing association schemes in the United Kingdom.


“To provide homes with associated facilities in attractive and safe communities, as a contribution to wealth creation and socio-economic development ”


“To be the leading provider of homes for young people in West Africa by 2026 ”

Our Values

The values that drive our business can be summarised as follows:


We are creating wealth for our people and all stakeholders.


Attention in heart and mind to our people, our customers and the communities we serve.


To improve the quality & affordability of our homes.


The sustainability of the environment and our business are our ultimate fiduciary responsibilities.


Integrity in service, with love.

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