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CHOIS City is a residential estate located in sub-urban Agbowa-Ikosi Town in Ikosi-Ejirin Local Council Development Area of Lagos State. A community developed by Lagos State Government  in partnership with First World Communities Limited under the CHOIS( Co-operative Home Ownership Incentive Scheme) programme to provide housing for low and medium income households.

The estate is accessible from Central Lagos via Epe, and from Ikorodu via Itoikin. Agbowa is about 30 kilometres from Ikorodu Town and the estate could be reached from Agbowa through Lateef Jakande Way on either of Agbowa City Centre or Community Grammar School, Owu-Ikosi in close proximity off the Itoikin Road. Access is also possible to the site through the Lagos Lagoon from Ijede in Ikorodu, Badore and Victoria-Island.

CHOIS City is conceived as the nucleus of a new town, evolving from the ancient Agbowa-Ikosi community. The estate is to have 4,000 housing units on about 200 Hectares of land with associated infrastructure and amenities. The first phase of development comprising 460 homes of 2 and 3 Bedroom semi-detached bungalows is built on 30 Hectares of land and it is deliberately low density to encourage first movers into the estate. Future phases of development in CHOIS City will have higher density, with multi-storey buildings and explore partial industrialized production of houses with alternative materials to achieve speed, predictable quality and ultimately, cost reduction. The summary of housing units in CHOIS City, Phase 1 are:

  • 2 Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalows -           280
  • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalows -           180

      Total                                                                460

The development is planned around 4 neighbourhoods of approximately 100 homes each, including open spaces and children playground. The estate is planned such that the blocks are arranged with communal facilities provided to serve each neighbourhood, including open spaces and playground. Parking space is pooled within each neighbourhood and pedestrian walkways are provided into each home. Since the estate is enveloped by a perimeter fence with round the clock security surveillance, residents are not allowed to erect fences and all the greenery in front of their home is to be communally maintained. Much attention has been given to landscaping and security on the estate, in keeping with the characteristics of all estates developed by First World Communities Ltd and its predecessor entities. In order to sustain high level of maintenance and residents compliance to the estate’s regulations, compulsory homeowner and residents education is to be provided as a pre-condition to handing over the properties to their beneficiaries.

Amenities provided in the estate include:

  • Electricity from the National grid through Dedicated Transformers.
  • Paved Roads with walkways and Parking Lots.
  • Street Lights
  • Water Supply
  • Communal Security and Perimeter Fence
  • Landscaping and lush greenery ambience

CHOIS City Phase 1, which sits on about 30 Hectares of land has further opened up Agbowa, making the whole community a point of attraction for different people who want to tap into the opportunities inherent in this sustainable community.

The Partnership agreement between Lagos State Government and First World Communities Ltd not only provide for the development and sale of housing units on lease-to-own basis, but also made provision for long term management of  the unique housing estate. CHOIS City is to be a comfortable abode for its residents and it is expected to achieve a continuous appreciation in value due to effective long term management and maintenance of the estate.  Security Services, Facility Management, Environment and Landscaping Services are provided. CHOIS City’s environment has been designed to encourage tranquillity and a strong community ties between the families of its residents.

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